Know the Destination

Know the Destination

The city of Querétaro has an immense historical wealth since it has witnessed different events of relevance in our country, in addition to having the very representative colonial baroque of the 18th century in most of its buildings, with all this in its favor it would be strange not meet characters that despite not being in the history books, are part of the historical legacy of this magical city.

This beautiful city combines the provincial essence with a cosmopolitan reality, uniting nostalgia and future. On these pillars the identity of Querétaro and of those who inhabit it is configured; the most knowledgeable call this distinctive feature: "queretaneidad."

Queretaneidad is eating, walking and having fun; It is that folklore that is embodied in its gardens, streets, theaters, arenas, markets and restaurants. For Queretanos it is a lifestyle treasured in their traditions; For those who visit this city, it is an experience that must be known.

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